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A Challenge : How to test your beliefs.

Is our existence a coincidence or is it by prior design? Is there a creator or is the universe the result of random events happening by pure change?. A very commonly asked question is: "Why are we here?" Shouldn't it rather be "How are we here?". The "WHY?" is only relevant if the "HOW?" was not a coincidence! This argument is central to our beliefs and determines our value system.

Is the development of LIFE the greatest wonder in nature? Most will agree it is. We all know what life is .

Did life started due to a set of random events happening by pure change or was there a guiding force behind it? Are we able to know? Was life only a coincidence? Is there a scientific way to test the possibilities?

What we are promoting is to do your own research. Do not be reluctant to examine all viewpoints. A real sceptic also should be sceptical concerning his or her beliefs.

You can't prove all your beliefs but YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO TEST THEM! How?. The mysteries surrounding the origin of life is an excellent departure point. It is important not confuse the origin of life with evolution. Evolution can only come into play after life originated.

We can analyze the events leading to the formation of the first replicating molecule and the events that led to the further development of this molecule in RNA,DNA and the genetic code.

We can calculate the probability for DNA and the coding system that it contains to develop spontaneously. (what were the odds for and against spontaneous events)

What was statistically the most likely? A a guiding force behind the development of the DNA code or random occurring events? Modern statisticians are certainly capable to give us some answers.

What is the difference between  a trial and error  event  and a pure random occurring event?

Our quest includes the following questions :

1 What was first proteins, RNA or DNA.

2 All biochemical reactions are initiated by enzymes. What was first the enzymes? (the chicken or the egg?)

3 Where did ethics , morality and integrity originated?

Our beliefs determine our value systems ( ethics). We will try to determine the origin of ethics.

The following story illustrates how our beliefs might influence our actions.

The Shop Keeper and his Assistant.

It happened in a small rural town . It was during the summer of 1862. A young boy from a very poor family was lucky enough to find employment as  shop assistant in a local shop . One day , about two months after he started as an assistant  , somebody not known to the boy entered the shop. He was interested in buying a saddle. The boy showed him all the available saddles. He chose one and told the boy : " Put it on my account , young man." He than took the saddle and left. 


The boy went  to the office to enter the transaction and than remembered . He didn't enquire who the customer was.  He  made a terrible mistake.  What should he do. Keep quiet . But the shopkeeper will eventually discover the missing stock.  Reluctantly he decided to tell the truth. Sure that is was his last day as a shop assistant he  he approached his boss and told him the whole story.

Great was his surprise when the shop keeper just laughed and said: "Don't worry my boy. Just enter   the saddle against every customer on the books. If they complain when receiving the account just be sure to apologize very sincerely."

What happened. They had 200 creditors and  eventually 10  paid for the saddle. The other 190 got a very sincere apology.


What do you regard as the correct action?

1 Fire the poor kid.

2 Subtract the money from his salary.

3 Give him warning  and a second change. 

4. It was the correct  action under the circumstance. ( A very poor family  needs the boy's salary and the shop keeper must also survive. He can't effort unnecessary losses)

5 It was the correct action no matter what the circumstances.

Which of these actions gives the business and its employers the best change of survival ( survival is a constant struggle and eventually we will all loose  the struggle  be be replaced) Perhaps you should  regard it as two questions. Short term  survival and long term survival.

What is the most important to the shop keeper. His or his customers survival. If he fires the boy or  let him pay  the community may regard him as a cruel  inhuman capitalist. If warn him and let him off the hook his business  suffers a loss.  

The following story puts statistical analysis to the test. Is William Genius's explanation possible?

The case against William Genius

William Genius is a highly qualified and talented programmer working for a large software developing company. He was arrested and charged with the development and spreading of a computer virus known as The Opener. It is impossible to use any web browser on a computer infected with The Opener. As soon as a web browser is opened, The Opener goes berserk and keeps on opening web pages until the computer's memory is depleted.

All investigations lead to Genius's internet connection at his home. During a raid on his house the original source code of The Opener as well as code to spread it , were discovered on one of Genius's home computers . This lead to his arrest.

Genius's denies writing this virus. His legal representatives are claiming that his computer wrote the program, all by itself. All the data and methods to create a program like The Opener were available on the computer. They are adamant that the program originated spontaneously on his computer without his knowledge. According to them the same thing happened in nature when life originated. Nature was even more skillful than his computer. The DNA code not only behaves like a program, it even made it's own hardware.

The Opener and similar programs are very easy to develop. Every time a browser is opened the keystrokes involved generate and activate the necessary actions via machine language. It was thus not a great achievement for the computer to develop The Opener virus.

Legal council also states that The Opener had it easier than DNA. All the hardware and computer languages necessary for it to evolve already existed on the computer. (DNA had to produce and develop its own hardware). Computers are very fast and computes millions of of calculations per second. Changes that occur over many years in nature , happens in minutes on a computer.

Millions of years in nature is comparable to days on a computer.

Genius's council also claims that he used the specific programming in which The Opener originated, for five years. All his programs were continuously upgraded. The hardware used by him is always the latest and most advanced. The upgrades won't corrupt any data ,they only made the programs more efficient. If automatic program writing occurred on his networked computer system , it would continue at a even faster rate after each upgrade The virus had five years to develop spontaneously on his system. This five years is comparable to millions of years in nature. His computers were never switched of. His lawyaers state that time was not a factor and that his computers always contain the latest available technology.

It is further stated that random occurring chemical reactions produced a complex program known as life. The development of Life was much more complicated than that of The Opener, yet it is widely accepted that the origin and development of life was a completely random set of events, a coincidence. The belief in the abionic origin thrives in the scientific community but nobody wants to belief the spontaneous evolvement of a computer prograom. This postulation is however even more credible than the abionic origin of life. How can one set of events being regarded as possible but another set of very similar events are regarded as impossible?

What do you think , is it statistically possible for a computer to develop a program without a programmer? Was it statistically possible for the DNA programming code to evolve on its own? The DNA code has an amazing knowledge of physics and chemistry. Its code is able to manufacture and simultaneously design software for the following devices to run amazingly well. Devices like digital cameras ( eyes), digital microphones (ears), amazing speakers ( vocal cords)incredible airoplanes (birds and insects ) , ultrasonic guided airoplanes (bats) etc. The DNA code have all the scientific and computer knowledge to develop these hardware and to simultaneously develop the software necessary to run these devices . They are immediately compatible with the processor (brain) It is important to note that for every step in evolution there was only one change to succeed. The software, the hardware and the processor had to be compatible immediately or that particular step was lost for ever. ( true for all random systems, there is no second chance in a random system).

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