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What is energy? Where did it come from? Is anything possible or can anything excist without the presence of energy? No without engery there is nothing, even less than nothing.

Everything , yes even matter, is a form of energy! Even time is part of the energy equation!

Einstein proved mathamaticlly that matter is a form of energy. Energy is indestructible. It changes from one form to another, but will excist for ever.

We can manipulate energy , changes it to from one type to another type but we can never destroy it. This is one of the most basic laws of physics.

We still didn't answer the question : What is energy? I am not able to answer. What is the basic form of energy or the prefered state in which energy exist? Is it in the electromagnetic form, is it in matter or what. My guess is that in our universe it only excists as electromagnatic wave energy and the different types of energy we obsereve are only due to different configurations and wavelengths of electro magnetism.

But what about the Big Bang. The big bang theory is widely accepted as the beginning of our universe. The whole universe was condensed into something very tiny even smaller than the tiniest dot imagable. This tiny dot than explode releasing all the energy that universe consistts of in on big exposion, the so called BIG BANG. I think to really know what energy is, we have to know its charaterictics prior to the big bang. From our present point of observation we will never know. We are only able to look back as far as the first moments of the universe and not beyond . All the energy contained in our universe was present in that small tiny dot.

But the question is still not answered. Are you able to answer it? I am not. Everything around us, everything in the whole universe is a form of energy.

Simply put the the interactions between the different configurations of energy creates force field. Matter does not really excizt. Nothing is solid. It is only the forcefields created by the different configurations that appear to our sensesto be solied objects.

Uf we accept the "Big Bang Theory" the