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We all heard the expression: "It is a jungle out there" What does it mean? As I understand it it means that life is a continuous struggle. The weak, the sick and the not so alert will become the pray or victims of the stronger , the sly or the clever. Weak individuals fail to survive and are less likely to reproduce.

Do we live in a jungle? Is the law of the jungle is the law of our world? The law of the jungle states that only the fittest will survive. Fit in this sense doesn't only mean physical strength but it also menas the ability to adopt to changes and also refers to intelligence. Humans (Homo sapiens ) became the dominant species because of their intelligence and ability to adapt to changes (they are able to regulate and change their environment). They became dominant in spite of there relative weak physical abilities, but due to their mental abilities.

It does not matter where you live, in what society or what culture, it is all about the survival of the fittest. Survival is at the root of evolution, the basic reason for the origin of different kinds iife forms (species) (Chalrles Darwin author of "The Origin of Species")
See The Origin of Species Darwin preferred the the term "Struggle for existence".
See also The 6th edition of "The Origin of Species"

In our societies, who cares about a looser? In truth, it is winner takes all and nice guys come last. It is about winning and continuing to do so. The moment you stop winning , you are history.

It is hard to get to the top, and even harder to stay there.

Is there a way for the weaker to become stronger? How do the weak get more powerful? Through unity, usually under strong leadership. ( Trade unions, political movements etc.) But even these structures supposed to empower the weaker members of society are not without power struggles.

I admit not all jungles are the same. Some are violent and burning. There are violent unstable societies in constant turmoil where groups reside which are constantly striving to establish who is the fittest amongst them.

Other jungles may appear more peaceful and even democratic. But under the surface the same laws of the jungle still apply. Isn't there even in these societies still a constant strive and ruthless competitiveness to establish who is the better?

You do not agree? You ask what about the human emotions of feeling sorry, compassion, love, regret etc. ? Are most of the world not civilized and ruled by the rule of law and not the law of the jungle? I think the law of the jungle still rules. Only the selection process changed. A modern civilized society only select a different kind of survivor. A smarter and a better manipulator than ever before.

Years ago, as child, I read a book. Unfortunately I cannot remember the author nor the title. The last paragraph is still fixed in my memory. The main theme of the book was about a revolution.

I quote from memory : " We had a revolution. I committed my whole life to this struggle. Now that it is over, I am disappointed. What did we achieve? The majority are still eating potatoes. All that changed is the faces of the meat eaters.".

It is the purpose of this site to find answers to these questions. Study all the pages in Part I before you give your final judgement.

We plan to add forums at a later stage.