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A Challenge : Test your beliefs
A summary of all the information in Part I

At the extremes of our beliefs are two possibilities. At the one end a completely materialistic set of beliefs and at the other extreme a completely spiritual set of beliefs.

Materialistic : The universe, life , our whole existence is a coincidence. It is the result of random unrelated chemical and physical events. There is only matter  and energy and nothing else. The laws of physics and chemistry explains everything, All the forces in nature ( gravity,  electromagnetic strong and weak nuclear forces  ) are the result of these materialistic events.

Spiritual : There exist an to us invisible world that control our world. We are influenced and controlled by this spiritual world that consist of good and evil forces.

My first concern  is : Are we able to make free choices? If the materialistic belief  is correct than you are robots  controlled by our genetic make-up. Our genes will determine our behavior and our emotions.  The genes will determine our likes and our dislikes.

If we are under spiritual control the same is true. Do we have a free will?

The second concern is: Darwin's work are to me more in favour of trial and error system. The DNA code on the other hand can only be changed  by random unrelated events.   The DNA is a stable molecule and we inherited  two strands ( two chromosomes) one from our mother and the other from our father.  ( refer to dominant and recessive traits)  Most changes in purine sequence will cause recessive traits.   Darwin's theory explain races and the development of new races  in a species adequately but what about new more advanced species with larger DNA molecules and different chromosomes.


A third concern : To create a new more advanced species what happens?  Much more than an  ordinary   mutation are necessary. Possibilities are  faulty germ cell production  ( one egg or sperm containing more  DNA than is should) , viral or other foreign DNA entering  or attach   to the DNA  of the parent cell undergoing meioses or any other process causes the  gametes ( sperms or ova) to contain more DNA  than expected. .


A fourth concern is the beauty of stem cells. A cell with the potential to differentiate in different tissues. The fertilized  ovum is the ultimate stem cell . Able to differentiate into a new organism consisting of many different types of cells and tissue. What regulates and control stem cell. Something more than  the mere  chemical  substances ( hormones included ).  What happens in the DNA molecule. that  regulates the differentiation? Punctuation  coding ?  No only stop  start coding but probably coding  that produces substances  to tell the DNA  when to start  and when to stop a specific differentiation.