Life a coincidence?

Was the beginning of life a coincidence? Can science prove it beyond reasonable doubt? As far as we know nature only developed one coding system, the genetic code. This code has remarkable similarities with the binary code used in modern computers. I don't know of any other coding system in nature able to capture, store, duplicate and re-use information but the genetic code All other coding systems originated through human intelligence.

We refer to the genetic code, the blue print of life , stored in the DNA and RNA molecules. A fantastic , fascinating coding system , that worked perfectly from the instance the first RNA molecule came into being. It expand over millennia but the basic mechanism stayed unaltered. ,

Science however proved (through the efforts of Louis Pasteur) that only life begets life. No biologist will doubt this theorem that only life begets life, although modern science believes t hat this theorem was once ( only once) violated. Is there any scientific proof that this violation really occurred